Books - Gregory William Mank


Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration – McFarland Publishers, Jefferson, North Carolina, 2009
Hollywood’s Hellfire Club: The Misadventures of John Barrymore, W.C. Fields, Errol Flynn and the Bundy Drive Boys – Feral House Publishers, Los Angeles, 2007
Women in Horror Films, 1940s - McFarland Publishers, 1999
Women in Horror Films, 1930s - McFarland Publishers, 1999
Hollywood’s Maddest Doctors - Midnight Marquee Press, Baltimore, Maryland, 1998
Hollywood Cauldron – 13 Classic Horror Films - McFarland, 1994
Karloff and Lugosi: The Story of a Haunting Collaboration - McFarland, 1990
The Hollywood Hissables - Scarecrow Press, Metuchen, New Jersey, 1989
It’s Alive! The Classic Cinema Saga of Frankenstein - A.S. Barnes, San Diego, California,1981


John Carradine: The Films (with Tom Weaver) - McFarland, 1999.
Dwight Frye’s Last Laugh (with James Coughlin and Dwight D. Frye) - Midnight Marquee Press, 1997
The Best of MGM (with James Robert Parish) - Arlington House Publishers, New Rochelle, New York, 1981
The Hollywood Reliables (with James Robert Parish) - Arlington House, 1981
The Hollywood Beauties (with James Robert Parish and Don Stanke)- Arlington House, 1978
The Funsters (with James Robert Parish and William T. Leonard) - Arlington House, 1976.


Edgar G. Ulmer: Essays on the King of the B’s (Bernard Herzogenrath, Editor) – McFarland, 2009.
Shock! Theater: An Illustrated History (Jim Clattterbaugh, Editor) – Monsters from the Vault Press, 2001:
Dracula: The First Hundred Years (Bob Madison, Editor) - Midnight Marquee Press, 1997
Boris Karloff (Gary & Sue Svehla, Editors) - Midnight Marquee Press, 1996
Bela Lugosi (Gary & Sue Svehla, Editors) - Midnight Marquee Press, 1996
The Real Stars No.3 (Leonard Maltin, Editor) - Popular Library, New York, 1979
Magill’s Survey of Cinema (Frank Magill, Editor) - Salem Press, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey,1979.

In addition, I wrote the Production Histories for the “MagicImage Filmbooks Series,” published 1989 – 1999, licensed by Universal Studios, California to accompany the published scripts for these films:
  • Frankenstein -1931
  • The Mummy - 1932
  • The Invisible Man - 1933
  • Bride of Frankenstein -1935
  • Son of Frankenstein -1939
  • The Wolf Man - 1941
  • The Ghost of Frankenstein - 1942
  • Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man -1943
  • House of Frankenstein - 1944
  • The Mummy’s Curse -1944
  • House of Dracula - 1945
  • Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein - 1948

Also, I wrote the MagicImage biography of actress Carroll Borland for its Countess Dracula (1994) book.

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