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     Monster Bash 2024 will be held at the Marriott Pittsburgh North, Cranberry Township-Mars, PA July 19 through 21. I will be there – as usual – and this year will be making a power-point presentation on House of Frankenstein. Fellow film
                                    historian Frank Dello Stritto and I will be turning the spotlight 
                                    on very different aspects of the same movie and are
                                    scheduled on Saturday afternoon, July 20, with talks that will
                                    sandwich a showing of the movie itself.

                                         It should be a fun afternoon for those of you who will be
                                    attending the convention that day – as well as for both Frank
                                    and me. My talk is scheduled to begin at 3:30 P.M. with the
                                    movie showing at 4:30 P.M. and Frank’s presentation at 6:00

                                         2024 is the 80th anniversary of House of Frankenstein 
                                    so join us in saluting the first “Monster Rally!”

     On Friday afternoon, on Saturday, and on Sunday morning, I will be available at my table at the convention. Please stop by to buy a copy of one (or more) of my books. Since some of you have in the past requested it, I am bringing copies of my acclaimed 2009 book Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration. I have only a few copies for sale, so if you need one for your personal library – or to give as a gift – be sure to stop by early. 

     I will also be bringing copies of the first two entries in my “Porter Down 
Hollywood Mystery” series (Frankenstein's Witch: Saint Lizzie Pray for Us and Platinum Widow: Who Killed Jean Harlow’s Husband?), as well as Of Mice 
and Men: Mental Enfeeblement, Racism, and Mercy-Killing in 1939 Hollywood, Angels and Ministers of Grace Defend Us! (which, by the way, contains a chapter on House of Frankenstein), and others of my works. It’s a good opportunity to 
fill in the gaps in your “Gregory William Mank” collection!

     I will be happy to sign any and all books that you buy (or that you may have heroically lugged to the convention in your suitcase!)


                                         Tom Weaver and I have collaborated once again on an
                                   entry in the Scripts from the Crypt series published by Bear
                                   Manor Media. The Ghost of Frankenstein is the 16th entry 
                                   in the series and is packed with lots of extras!

                                        I wrote the movie’s Production History, as well as unusual
                                   articles about several of the cast: “A Tribute to Doris Lloyd,”
                                   “The Love Life of Sir Cedric Hardwicke,” and “Chaney 
                                   Revives Of Mice and Men.”

     Tom Weaver, of course, presents a ton of fun information in his inimitable “Weaver” style!

     With additional contributions by Bill Cooke, Roger Hurlburt, and Frank Dello Stritto, this publication will keep you busy absorbing all the fascinating information (special thanks to Research Associate Scott Gallinghouse).

     Extras include the script for an early treatment by screenwriter Eric Taylor, the film’s Pressbook, and a trove of vintage photos.

     The Ghost of Frankenstein - Scripts from the Crypt #16 is available from 
the publisher, Bear Manor Media GF-BearManor and from Amazon GF-Amazon.


     Tom Weaver and I collaborated on a commentary for the 
1944 John Carradine movie Bluebeard which was included 
on the Blu-Ray released in April. This was followed a month
                                 later by the release of the Blu-Ray for 
                                 1932’s The Mask of Fu Manchu 
                                 starring Boris Karloff for which I provided 
                                 the commentary. 

                                      I of course continue to have magazine articles published.
                                 Most recent was my piece on 1933’s The Invisible Man in 
                                The Age of Thrills 1930s/1940s in its Winter 2024 issue. My
                                articles on 1936's The Walking Dead will be in the Summer                                        2024 issue and on Bela Lugosi’s Mark of the Vampire will
                                be in its Fall 2024 issue.


     OK, OK – I know that I keep promising that my third “Porter Down Hollywood Mystery” is almost done. However – I had a brainstorm early this year that changed the direction of the book so I am now well satisfied with the early parts of it but am still grappling with the end! As previously announced it involves a vampire (?) killer amok in 1935 Hollywood during the filming of the Bela Lugosi/Lionel Barrymore/Elizabeth Allan/Lionel Atwill/Carroll Borland classic film Mark of the Vampire. There is a new “twist” that takes the book’s villain’s motive in a more interesting direction (at least I think so). 

     Of course, my work on the aforementioned The Ghost of Frankenstein - 
Scripts from the Crypt #16, audio commentaries, and magazine articles took me away from completing the third Porter Down mystery. I also spent some writing 
time toying with ideas for several non-fiction works for the future, but am now seriously devoting myself to writing Mr. Down out of his latest mess. 

I will keep you informed.

Hope you come back here soon!