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Frankenstein’s Witch: St. Lizzie, Pray For Us, the 
first novel in my “Porter Down Hollywood Mysteries” 

It's available currently from Bear Manor Media
FW-BearManor and from Amazon FW-Amazon – 
and you soon will be able to purchase it everywhere 
fine books are sold. See my “Thoughts” page 
for more details on this book and my "Novels" page
for information about upcoming volumes in this


I will definitely have the novel – and hopefully also the McFarland book – available to sell and sign at the June 24-26, 2022 Monster Bash convention at the Pittsburgh Marriott North in Mars, PA. On Saturday of the convention I will be giving a presentation on three horror films that were shooting simultaneously in 1932 – Rasputin and the Empress (more of a horror film than many people realize, and in fact, one of the most horrific of 1932), The Mask of Fu Manchu, and The Mummy (the latter two, of course, starring Karloff). I was pleased to write extensively about Rasputin and the Empress in Chapter Two of my Angels and Ministers of Grace Defend Us! book so if time constraints necessitate that I give only a tantalizing overview of it during my presentation, be assured that you will learn so much more if you get a copy of this latest McFarland book. 

 Hope to see you at Monster Bash!


​Meanwhile, I am providing the finishing touches on my BearManor Media book about the 1939 movie Of Mice and Men. I am hopeful that this book will also be published in 2022. I have found many fascinating facts about this movie’s genesis, its daily production triumphs and woes, and its casting drama (the great Lon Chaney Jr.’s big break – and one he almost didn’t get!) I think you will be fascinated by this movie’s saga; I certainly was as I researched it for the book.

I am also closing in on finalizing my second “Porter Down Hollywood Mystery,” Platinum Widow: Who Killed Jean Harlow’s Husband? 

Once in a while, I get to eat and sleep!

Hope to see you back here soon!


Rumor has it that Angels and Ministers of Grace Defend Us! (the “sequel” to The Very Witching Time of Night) will be available in early June. I do not yet have a publication date from its publisher, McFarland & Company, but Amazon apparently knows something I don’t know since a publication date of June 6 is shown on its website. What I do know is that everything I can possibly do has been done (final proofing and indexing several months ago) and that it is available for pre-order through both Amazon and the McFarland website.