Laird Cregar: A Hollywood Tragedy
(McFarland & Company, Inc.Publishers, 2017)

He won his greatest fame as a mad,
twitching Jack the Ripper in 1944’s
The Lodger, but his most baroque role
came via his real-life, pitifully untimely
death. Laird Cregar, the young, brilliant,
behemothic actor, obsessively waged a
doomed battle with 20th Century-Fox
and his personal demons as he fatally
dreamed of becoming “a beautiful man.” 
But the crash dieting and plastic surgery went awry, the dream became a manically self-destructive nightmare -- and thus did a 320-lb. character star become a 220 lb. corpse.

Laird Cregar: A Hollywood Tragedy deeply explores the true story of Cregar and examines his film performances, the blessings and curses of the Hollywood contract system of the 1940s and the legacy of an actor who might have become one of the cinema’s greatest horror stars -- and character actors. 

Lavishly illustrated with stills and candid photos.

One Man Crazy: The Life and Death of Colin Clive, Hollywood’s Frankenstein
(Midnight Marquee Press, 2017)
He immortalized Henry Frankenstein in Universal’s Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein; his tragic personal life was as horrific as the classic melodramas in which he starred. Deeply researched (with fresh and startling discoveries), richly-illustrated (with many rare photos), this sympathetic but unsparingly revealing biography will be the definitive account of the brilliant, hypersensitive actor who unforgettably cried “It’s alive!”

The Very Witching Time of Night, II
(McFarland & Company, Inc.Publishers, 2017)

The critical and popular success of The Very Witching Time of Night: Dark Alleys of Classic Horror Cinema has inspired a contract for The Very Witching Time of Night, Part II. As with the original book, there will be 13 chapters, all on fascinating areas of Hollywood horror, with full coverage of never-before-covered topics and fresh slants on vintage favorites such as Island of Lost Souls and Tower of London. Exhaustively researched and profusely illustrated with many rare photos. 

Contact: Greg@gregorymank.com