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9820 Easton Drive the morning of September 5, 1932: the home where Paul Bern committed suicide early that morning (or was it murder???)
Platinum Widow: Who Killed Jean Harlow's Husband?
A Porter Down Hollywood Mystery (#2)
Jean Harlow - MGM's Platinum Blonde Bombshell
Paul Bern and Jean Harlow - the "Happy Couple"
The death of Paul Bern, 65 days (and nights) after his marriage to Platinum Blonde Bombshell, Jean Harlow, is perhaps the most infamous of Hollywood's unsolved deaths. P. I. Porter Down witnesses the "true" events of the sordid and heart-breaking saga in this second of the Porter Down Hollywood Mysteries.

The novel weaves exhaustive research with fictional flourishes, including a deadly female pornographer/blackmailer. Cameo appearances from such Big Screen luminaries as Clark Gable, Frederick March, Lionel Atwill, Joan Crawford, Louis B. Mayer, and Irving Thalberg abound.

And what part might the real-life notorious mobster/Harlow's previous paramour and protector "Longie" Zwillman, have played in the events surrounding Bern's death?

Ultimately, the book offers a fictional - but credible - solution to Bern's death based on the real-life events of 90-years-ago.
Hollywood's Golden Age lives again with a vengeance in this manic mix of fact and fiction!