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One Man Crazy! The Life and Death of Colin Clive

2018, it might be a very long time, if ever, before I tackle another project with the inherent angst of this one. (Please go to my “GWM  Overview” page to learn more about why finishing the Clive biography this past year was so very difficult.)

   Production wise...375 pages, over 200 illustrations. Photos of Clive at his prep school, and as a cadet at Sandhurst. Pictures of rare documents testifying to the tragedies in his family that tormented him. Stage shots, film stills, behind-the-scenes candids, portraits of his wife, his lover, shots of his homes, his haunts, the church where he was married, the mortuary that handled his funeral, art work dedicated to him, etc., etc.  The bottom line? Colin Clive was a brilliant actor who had an all-too-brief life and left a fascinating film legacy. He DESERVES attention. He was Henry Frankenstein, “in the name of God!” 

     One Man Crazy! The Life and Death of Colin Clive is available on Amazon (One Man Crazy) and through the publisher, Midnight Marquee Press (MidMar.com).  

To Be Announced!

    This past December, Barbara and I were in California for a VERY exciting project, virtually a dream-come-true gig. I’m not at liberty to give any details until the company announces the official news. At any rate, you’ll read about it here when I get the green light!

    We also traveled up the California coast during the trip to Big Sur and Monterey. Beautiful!  


    I continue to work on The Very Witching Time of Night, Part II.

   The critical and popular success of The Very Witching Time of Night: Dark Alleys of Classic Horror Cinema inspired a contract for a sequel. As with the original book, there will be 13 chapters, on topics ranging from Rasputin to Jekyll and Hyde to Sherlock Holmes, with full coverage of never-before-covered topics and fresh slants on vintage favorites such as Island of Lost Souls and Tower of London. Exhaustively researched and profusely illustrated with many rare photos.  

    To be published by McFarland in 2019.

    In addition, I’ve contributed chapters on Poverty Row studios and on William “One Shot” Beaudine to The Art of Pulp Horror, to be published this year by Applause Theatre & Cinema Books. This is another book to put on your “must have” list.

   Finally, you might see a piece of fiction of mine in an upcoming anthology but, again, I am not at liberty to divulge more about this project at present. When I am, of course, you’ll read about it here.

    Hope to see you back here soon!


    I’ve written about the actor Colin Clive in the past, but this is the man’s first full biography.  

    It was adventurously researched (to say the least) and the new discoveries were startling. This became far more than a career study of the actor who indelibly played those baroque roles. It became a harrowing portrait of a man who, due to the “pet devils” in his life, was already a time bomb when he first arrived in Hollywood in 1929. That he lasted until 1937 is almost surprising. 

    It’s primarily the story of personal demons, which now and then peeked out at audiences in the roles Clive so fervently played on the screen. The book was emotionally draining to write, in all honesty. Coming after my challenging Laird Cregar bio, published early in