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    I continue to work on The Very Witching Time of Night, Part II. (I'm currently polishing a chapter on Murders in the Rue Morgue).

    To be published by McFarland in late 2019.

    Hope to see you back here soon!


Recently Published

                                       Whether you were able to attend Monster Bash 2019
                                     or not, I invite you to enjoy my two most recently  
                                     published biographies:

                                     *  Laird Cregar: A Hollywood Tragedy is an in-depth  
                                     biography of a fascinating man who achieved a dream   
                                     that morphed into a nightmare - and who died far too 
                                     young. Published in February 2018 by McFarland &  
                                     Company, Inc. (LC-McFarland). Also available 
                                     through Amazon (LC-Amazon) and other on-line
                                     book websites.​

   *  I’ve written about the actor Colin Clive in the past, but 
2018's One Man Crazy! The Life and Death of Colin Clive
is the man’s first full biography - another actor who died far 
too young.  Published in December 2018 by Midnight 
Marquee Press. Available through Amazon (CC-Amazon
and other on-line book websites. 

   By the way, my Monster Bash 2018 talk on this stellar 
character actor was nominated for a "Rondo" award in 
the "Top Event of 2018" category.

   Click on the "Recent Books" link on the left to read more about these adventurously-researched biographies.

Second Universal Horror Blu-Ray Set Release!

​   As announced in June, I was privileged to do The Black Cat 
audio commentary on Scream Factory’s The Universal 
Horror Collection Vol. 1, as well as sharing the spotlight 
with Gary D. Rhodes as we talked about the Lugosi and 
Karloff screen union, their personal relationship, and the 
four films in the initial set in the 80-minute documentary, 
“A Good Game.”

                                 Once again, I am honored to have 
                                provided an audio commentary for one of my favorite 
                                “guilty pleasures” in The Universal Horror Collection Vol. 2
                                – Murders in the Zoo. It’s a 1933 melodrama, starring Lionel 
                                Atwill, Kathleen (The Panther Woman) Burke, and a startling
                                collection of animals. It’s amazing what Hollywood got away
                                with during those Pre-Code days!

                                  Constantine Nasr of Rivendell Films in Los Angeles again has painstakingly produced the set, which also includes The Mad Ghoul, The Mad Doctor of Market Street, and The Strange Case of Doctor Rx. You’ll note that three of the four films feature superb actor Lionel Atwill, and I was asked to contribute to a documentary about this quirky gentleman for inclusion among the set’s Special Features. As with The Black Cat I’d recorded the Murders in the Zoo commentary in L.A. last December but, once again, was asked to keep the Special Features “under my hat” until right before the package’s release. 

The Universal Horror Collection Vol. 2 is available for pre-order with a release date of July 23. All four movies are fun – hope you’ll enjoy them!

2019 Monster Bash

  It was good seeing a number of you at last month’s Monster Bash in Mars, PA. 
                                                                     My Power Point talk on Laird Cregar
                                                                     was very warmly received and it was
                                                                     a joy to speak about this underrated 
                                                                     actor who died far too young. 

                                                                       Monster Bash, by the way, is a 
                                                                     terrific convention and Ron Adams
                                                                     always organizes, and delivers, a 
                                                                     great show.

                                                                       Also, consider attending the
                                                                     MidAtlantic Nostalgia Convention in
                                                                     September in Baltimore, MD. Martin 
 Grams provides plenty of stars and a fun time.