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  Consider one or more if you are looking for Christmas stocking stuffers!


    The Very Witching Time II - This book should be finished by mid-January and out by Spring 2020. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this book – so much new information on some all-time favorite films! Click on the “Upcoming” link on the left for more details.

The Trip

  In September and October, Barbara and I enjoyed what was truly the trip of a lifetime – Three weeks of adventuring in the British Isles! Click on the “GWM Overview” link on the left for more details and pictures.

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Murders in the Rue Morgue – On Blu-Ray!

  The 1932 Pre-Code horror classic, based (loosely) on Poe’s 
tale, and starring Bela Lugosi as a mad doctor who wants to 
mate his gorilla with a human. What’s not to love? The 
Blu-Ray come with two full-length audio commentaries, one 
by Gary Rhodes and one by me. Perfect for Christmas giving 
and getting! Release date December 17, 2019. Contact 
Amazon (Rue Morgue-Amazon) or Scream Factory (Rue 
Morgue-Scream) for fast delivery. 

Recently Published

   My two most recently published biographies are selling briskly.  If you do not already have your copies, I invite you to explore one or both: Laird Cregar: A Hollywood Tragedy (LC-McFarland or LC-Amazon) and One Man Crazy! The Life and Death of Colin Clive (CC-Amazon). Click on the "Recent Books" link on the left to read more about these adventurously-researched biographies.

  I am also gratified by the positive reception of my audio commentaries on recently-released Blu-Rays from Scream Factory! – The Black Cat on The Universal Horror Collection. Vol 1 (Vol 1-Scream & Vol 1-Amazon) and Murders in the Zoo on The Universal Horror Collection Vol. 2 (Vol 2-Scream & Vol 2-Amazon).